Clay Stone


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  • This clay stone  absorbs all the drips that your soap loses when it gets wet. Then simply moisten it and move it over the skin without pressin
  •  Ideal for feet, it gently erases calluses and cracked heels
  •  Body scrub 1 to 2 times a week
  • Removes dirt (gardening, DIY, painting, mechanics, etc.) and bad odors (garlic, onion, fish, hydrocarbons, etc.)
  • Daily use on feet and hands
  • On dry skin, use it as an applicator: Place a little vegetable oil of your choice in a cup, take a little oil with the stone and apply directly to the skin using small circular movements
  • Cleaning the stone: Leave a few minutes in boiling water, brush, rinse under water, then let dry
  •  100% clay


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